Test Security

Security Trusted by Universities  

We implement rigorous security measures before, during and after candidates complete their Oxford ELLT to ensure a precise and reliable evaluation of a candidates’ language proficiency.

  1. Candidate ID verification
  2. The latest AI proctoring and facial recognition technology
  3. Video, Audio and Screen monitoring
  4. Human proctoring conducted by trained Oxford ELLT Examiners
  5. Results verification by our centralised Oxford ELLT Academic Team
  6. Fully invigilated test centres worldwide for Oxford ELLT Global

Oxford ELLT works with TrustID’s Identification Document Verification Technology (IDVT), for passport validity assurance and Facial Biometric Scanning, to ensure the candidate’s selfie-style photo matches their passport image. As part of registration, all candidates upload a copy of their passport identification page. Through TrustID we are now able to verify the authenticity of the identity document and match it to the candidate taking Oxford ELLT test.

In addition to IDVT, we are implementing increased biometric authentication using TrustID’s Facial Biometric software. Utilising the image taken upon registration, TrustID’s Face Biometric software matches the candidate’s selfie style photo to their identification documentation.

With our steadfast commitment to integrity, AI and human proctoring, and implementation of additional anti-fraud measures, the Oxford ELLT continues to lead in secure online testing. 

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